Pro's and Students


What are Todd's Students saying?

Todd  has an almost magical gift for finding your swing in 10 minutes.  His  heart and attention is on you discovering a game you've wanted your  whole life.  Not only will you find your game but you will find a great  friend in him.  I couldn't begin to thank him enough!   


Dan Polk,

Annapolis, Maryland

Robert Trent Jones Club. 


The  instruction Todd has given me over the past few years has  revolutionized my swing. Not only has he helped me hit more fairways and  greens, he has explained to me in a simple way the dynamics of the golf  swing and how to fix my specific issues in the middle of the round. I  am confident this is the reason I am seeing the winners circle more  often. Thanks Todd!


Pete Hiskey +1 HDC

U.S. Navel Academy Golf Club

Todd has a great eye for  diagnosing swing issues. He was very good at seeing my faults and  correcting the root cause, which in turn fixed the faults. Last summer  was the best competitive tournament season of my life at age 55. My more  consistent ball striking  and improved short game led to four  tournament wins, two top fives and one other top ten in local, state and  regional tournaments. He keeps it simple and communicates in way that  the expert or the novice can understand.

Joe Lafavor
Annapolis MD


Todd  has been a most valued member of my John Jacobs’ Golf Schools for many  years.  He is an exceptional teacher of the golf game, always seeming to  strike the right note with individual pupils and his knowledge is  second-to-none amongst the considerable number of people teaching under  my name.  

Todd’s ever pleasant, enjoyable personality is matched by his integrity and loyalty.


He has my personal backing and very best wishes for great success in the “Todd Howard Golf School”.

On a personal note, I know his strong faith will also be of  considerable value along the way.


Very Sincerely,


John Jacobs O.B.E.

World Golf Hall of Fame


To  develop your possible potential in this great game one has to find the  right formula of growth. Very few first of all have this formula and  even less have the ability to deliver this step by step accelerated  learning process.  


I  have had the pleasure to teach side by side with Todd for many years as  he built his programs of development for all players. You can see the  great growth in his juniors and adults as they follow his smart  development course. 


From  Amateur to Professional you can see his mark.  I tell all parents and  students that are seriously considering competitive golf to interview  the teachers that you are thinking about teaching you or your family.   Once you do this you will discover the difference in his programs.  


Joe Thiel PGA, Master Professional

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.